Rehabilitation Counseling Program

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The mission of the Master’s Program in Rehabilitation Counseling is to focus on the development of well-rounded bilingual academic curriculum that incorporates classroom, clinical, research and community experience to prepare competent rehabilitation professionals to satisfy the social and employment integration needs of people with disabilities and chronic illnesses in Puerto Rico and the United States.

The opportunity to increase the supply of qualified and highly skilled rehabilitation counselors

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    Colegio de Estudios Graduados en
    Ciencias de la Conducta y Asuntos de la Comunidad
    Escuela Graduada en Ciencias Sociales
    Programa Graduado en Consejería en Rehabilitación

    Dr. Nestor Torres Rentas, Director
    Dr. Hector Velázquez González, Coordinador del Programa
    Sra. Ivett Avilés Silva, Secretaria

    Edificio Aguayo Oficina 212


    (787) 841-2000 ext. 2410
    Fax. (787) 651-2011

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